Nishtha Training on Vande Gujarat 2020

NISHITHA training was conducted in the entire state of Gujarat. In which 89297 primary school teachers were trained from face to face mode. Due to the epidemic of Kovid-12, this year the training will be conducted through online mode and through loyalty course on Diksha platform.Nistha on Diksha course for primary school teachers who have not undergone Nistha training last year. Means to connect. This training is going to start from 5th October 2020 in Gujarat.

Nishtha Training on Vande Gujarat 2020

  • Modules 4 to 6 will have to be studied from 12 to 17 October.
  • The module will have to be read from 7.30 to 10.30.
  • The Baysag broadcast will be aired from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • 12 to 12.30 will have to do homework.
  •  You can JOIN this module by date *.
* Module 4: *
* Module 5: *
* Module 6: *

[ Module 1 ] Nishtha Training Module for all Primary Teachers

(1) First - open the Diksha application
(2) After opening the Diksha application, click on the profile on the right side of your application and login with Google Mail or your mobile and password. All help guruji Telegram Channel
(3) You will be able to see your name and details. There will be a Submit Details button under Edit.
4) As soon as you click, two boxes will open in front of you. In that you have to select Teacher in the first box. After selecting these details, a new menu will open after submitting.
(5) This box will show your details including your mobile and Gmail. If you have not updated your mobile number and Gmail yet, go to this box and update. All help guruji telegram channel
(6) Now below you have to show the name of your school

Certificate Course on Basic Educational Statistics Course, Teacher, Headmaster, C.R.C. Co-ordinator, B.R.C. Coordinator, Taluka Primary Education Officer, Inspectors, EI, MIS, B.Ed, M.Ed trainees, Ph.D., M.Phil researchers and District Primary Education Officer, It will be very useful to increase the knowledge, skills and professional readiness of the District Education Officer etc. It will be useful to prepare useful educational implications in education such as input indicators, output indicators and process indicators, etc., by analyzing and interpreting various report cards to prepare an action plan for improving the quality of education. In addition, B.Ed. And will be useful for M.Ed trainees for pre-preparation of exams like TET, TAT.